Trump’s Comparison to Nazi Germany Draws Ire from Jewish Groups

When President-elect Trump compared our national intelligence community to Nazi Germany, the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect was quick to correct this egregious falsehood, calling for a retraction of the comment. “It is a despicable insult to Holocaust survivors around the world, and to the nation he is about to lead, that Donald Trump compares America to Nazi Germany,” said Steven Goldstein, Executive Director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. “The president-elect has denigrated our nation and its commitment to freedom on the eve of his inauguration.” For the full statement, please click here. Please click the below links to view related media coverage.   Trump intel memo controversy is nothing like Nazi Germany, Op-Ed by Steven Goldstein, CNN, January 12, 2017 A charity set up by Anne Frank’s father has become a fierce critic of Trump’s plans for refugees, The New York Times, January 11, 2017 Trump Under Fire for Invoking Nazis in Criticism of U.S. Intelligence, The New York Times, January 11, 2017 Jewish groups condemn Donald Trump’s comparison to Nazi Germany, The Independent, January 11, 2017 Donald Trump takes heat for Nazi comparison: ‘It is a despicable insult’, Los Angeles Times, January 11, 2017 Trump stands by ‘Nazi Germany’ tweet after Jewish groups demand apology, Daily News, January 11, 2017 Trump in response to leak of Russian dossier: ‘Are we living in Nazi Germany?’, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, January 11, 2017 Anne Frank Center: Trump’s ‘Nazi’ quip insults Holocaust survivors, Yahoo! News, January 11, 2017 Jewish groups slam Trump’s ‘inappropriate’ comment, The Jerusalem Post, January 12, 2017 ‘A despicable insult to Holocaust survivors’: Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect demands apology from Trump after he compared the US to Nazi Germany in response to leaked dossier, Daily Mail, January 11, 2017 a href<