Bring our programs to your school

We offer a wide range of innovative programs and workshops held right in your classroom. Geared to various grade levels, our education programs integrate artistic, literary, historical, and/or performance-based components that teach the lessons of Anne Frank in a meaningful and relevant manner for your students. Our programs range from introductory workshops on Anne Frank and the Holocaust to in-depth examinations of discrimination and intolerance. By examining the progression of historical events that result in the tragedies of genocide, slavery, terrorism, and/or hate crimes, our programs encourage students to act as leaders in challenging discrimination, intolerance, and bias-related violence in a positive and constructive way. Through incorporation of primary source documents and cross-curricular connections, our programs adhere directly to the Common Core State Standards, while challenging students to analyze history in the context of the present. The programs below can be booked to come to your school. All programs may be customized to address your academic, social, emotional, and artistic goals. Please contact for more information and to schedule your program. For more information about on-site education programs with our Center, click here.

“The lessons on
Anne Frank and the Holocaust helped my students understand the problems of today.”

Teacher evaluation comment, 2011
Self Discovery Program