President’s Holocaust Remembrance Statement has a Dangerous Omission

On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect paid homage to the six million Jewish people killed in this genocide, as the day was designated to commemorate. Yet President Trump’s statement marking the somber occasion made no mention of the Jewish community, in a frightening echo of Holocaust deniers. Executive Director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, Steven Goldstein, said, “How can you forget, Mr. President, that six million Jews were murdered because they were Jews?” For the full statement, please click here. Please click the below links to view related media coverage.   “There’s anti-Semitism in the White House”: What made the Anne Frank Center get political on Twitter, Salon, February 11, 2017 Anne Frank Center calls out President Trump, House Republicans for “anti-Semitism” over Holocaust statement, Salon, February 9, 2017 Trump’s statement marking Holocaust remembrance leaves out mention of Jews, The Washington Post, January 27, 2017 White House defends Trump Holocaust statement that didn’t mention Jews, The Guardian, January 28, 2017 Trump statement on Holocaust remembrance does not mention Jews, Religion News, January 27, 2017 No Mention Of Jews In Trump Holocaust Statement Breaks With Tradition, TPM, January 27, 2017 Why Trump’s universalizing of the Holocaust matters to the Jews, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, January 29, 2017 White House calls outrage over omitting Jews in Trump’s statement on Holocaust ‘pathetic’, Yahoo! News, January 30, 2017   &nbsp