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Our mission at the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is to utilize the diary and legacy of Anne Frank to help others understand the dire consequences of discrimination and intolerance. This year we’ve reached over 70,000 children and adults nationwide in our quest to make history relevant to the world today while promoting tolerance and mutual respect. Through our distinctive educational programming, students at the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect learn that the future is in their hands. Anne Frank is a relatable role model for them, helping them to understand the impact of discrimination, the importance of speaking out against injustice, and above all, the difference each individual can make… just like Anne Frank herself. Thank you for your past generosity… we need your continued support to ensure these important initiatives:
  • Free and subsidized school programs
  • In-school artists-in-residence and one-day workshops
  • Confronting Intolerance Today speaking events
  • Live performances of our theater pieces Conversations with Anne and Letters from Anne and Martin
  • Traveling exhibits that bring Anne’s story to communities across the US
  • Teacher education programs
None of this outreach is possible without you! By making a gift to our Annual Fund you are celebrating the impact the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect has on the lives of its participants, ensuring the future of our message for years to come. We are in a very precarious place in the history of humanity. We have to have the moral courage to address the injustices in the world that need our attention, our understanding and our commitment. We urge you to make a gift that will help heal the world through the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. Click here to help with a donation.
“Her life is a constant reminder that even young children can quickly be demonized and marked for death simply because of who they are…It is amazing to look at all human history School Programs Highlights and realize how much energy has been wasted by people 2014 – 2015 obsessing about our differences and how vulnerable those people are of being taken advantage of by people who just really want power, money, or both.”
– President Clinton School Programs Highlights at the Anne Frank Sapling Ceremony, October 2015 April – Jun
“They were able to connect what they learned in class with new information introduced at the center. It also provided our students with visuals to further deepen their understanding of the content.”
– A Teacher from PS 39, Staten Island
“I noticed that it helped some of my very shy students come out of their shell and express themselves. I also learned a lot about my students through this experience and they learned a lot about themselves.”
-10th grade English teacher, Veritas Academy
“They learned about social injustices that existed in the past and continue to exist. They made connections about prejudices they experience being Hispanic or Black.”- A Teacher from PS 43, Bronx
“I am really drawn in to this topic and I always hope that my students take something from it when we cover this unit. I learned that it’s not just about the history but what we can take away from it – not only the essential goodness in people, but how students can continue her legacy by being proactive, using their voices and not being bystanders.”
– 8th Grade Reading Teacher